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Kashyapi Naturals & Organic Foods is born with a vision to provide 100% chemical-free food at most affordable prices to everyone.


We are passionate about natural farming and love to share the benefits of eating chemical-free food with everyone we meet. We truly believe that if you eat right food, that is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, then you can be assured of good health and can stay away from doctors and hospitals.

After working in IT corporate for a long time, we transitioned ourselves to become full-time natural farmers, growing chemical-free food, 100% naturally. After we got deeply inspired by our guruji Padmashri Sri Subhash Palekarji, we started practicing his method of farming popularly known as SPNF (Sri Subhash Palekar Natural Farming) in our own fields. We prepare our own natural fertilizers and pesticides by using desi cow-dung and cow-urine viz. Jeevamrutha, Dashaparani Khashaya, Agni Astra, Neem Astra, etc. These concoctions are very essential in natural farming as it improves the soil fertility and help the crops to build natural immunity. This method of farming is not new but it’s the only method of farming that existed for generations in our country, until the green revolution spoilt the whole thing with the introduction of chemical based fertilizers and pesticides.

Since natural farming is not our passion but has become our new way of life, we intend to grow most of our food in our Kashyapi Natural Farm. Any excess food we produce is made available in our store Kashyapi Naturals & Organic Food Store in Bangalore.  Due to our natural farming practices, we are also networked with several other natural and organic farming community throughout India from whom we source several authentic Organic Food Products. Hence, everything we source comes from a trusted and verified source due to which you are assured of getting the highest quality organic produce at one place.

Since we first opened our doors in Bangalore in year 2018, we have been devoted to offering highest-quality organic food to our valued customers through our unique store. We believe that the right for good food is not reserved only for few lucky ones but for everyone.

Thanks to our food-conscious consumers, amazing set of farmer brothers and sisters and our trusted vendors, with whom we have built such special relationships through these years. Today, Kashyapi Naturals & Organic Foods has become one of most popular Organic Food Store in J.P. Nagar, Bangalore, where you are assured of getting best quality organic food at its best price.

Do visit out store or order online  below and experience this yourself.

Sarvejano Sukhino Bravanthu!


Jai Karnataka! Jai Hind!

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#672, 31st Main Rd, J. P. Nagar I Phase, Near Oxford High School, Bangalore, Karnataka 560078, India

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